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tv   CNN News Central  CNN  February 21, 2024 7:00am-8:00am PST

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>> zander smear. office proven to made it up and it was based off russian intelligence. >> it doesn't change the four fundamental facts. hunter biden was on the put on the board of burisma, gets paid $1 million a year. fact number two, he's not qualified to be on the board. he said so himself in an interview, i don't know with you over there were some network back number three zola chesky, and desire ski, the two executives that burisma specifically asked hunter biden, can you weigh in with dc and help us deal with the pressure we are facing? scene from the prosecutor
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>> moments ago and for the first time we are hearing from republicans trying to impeach president biden after the revelation that an fbi informants who gave false information about president biden was fed dirt by the russians president biden, calling out donald trump for his quote, outrageous comments. this after trump, once again refused to condemn vladimir putin and he's comparing his legal troubles to that of alexi navalny and tragedy in texas, the body of a missing girl has
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been found days after she disappeared. the man police say is responsible, has a long criminal history. i'm fredricka whitfield along with sara sidner and john berman. kate is off today. this is cnn news central >> any minute now, house republicans trying to impeach president biden will meet behind closed doors with the president's brother, james. this interview comes as a series of biden family business associates have testified that the president was not involved in his family's foreign business dealings, which undermines the central allegation that is part of the republican investigation. >> on top >> of that, the stunning revelation overnight that one of the informants relied on on by house republicans said he was given information by the russians, information the prosecutors say is false. and
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now for the first time, we're hearing from republicans who are processing this. you might say spinning this news. let's get right to cnn anchor and chief congressional correspondent, manu who rodger, who is on capitol hill chasing down these lawmakers about to hear from james biden manu, what are they saying >> yeah, there actually defined in the face of these damning revelations that really undercuts a central component of an impeachment investigation into the president that as vice president, he acted in a corrupt scheme with him his son, hunter biden, that has been was the basis of the fbi informant, alexander smear enough's testimony or what he told federal prosecutors, and that is what has been the cause of his indictment, saying that at the fbi and doj saying that he essentially made all that up and that couldn't be the source of russian disinformation. now for the first time we've put the question directly to the republicans who are investigating all of this, including the chairman, the house judiciary committee, jim jordan, who i asked him about
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this revelation, whether he would take back what he had said about the president being involved in this bribery scheme. and jim jordan was defined and about the presence involvement in a bribery scheme. now that alexander smirnoff is proven to have made it up, and it was based off russian intelligence, doesn't change the four fundamental facts hunter biden was on the put on the board of burisma, gets paid $1 million a year. fact number two, he's not qualified to be on the board. he said so himself in an interview, i don't know with you person or some network. back number three zola teff ski and pozharsky, the two executives at burisma specifically asked hunter biden, can you weigh in with dc and help us deal with the pressure we are facing from the prosecutor. fact number four, joe biden, then he gets called hunter biden calls his dad according to devon archer hunter biden's business partner, fact number four, joe biden then goes to ukraine three days later and conditions the release of the money. merrick and tax money on the firing of the prosecutor who was applying the pressure to
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the company, the hunter biden said on the border, you said the 1023 is the most corroborating piece of information you outbreaks, but it doesn't, doesn't change those fundamental facts now it's not true. well, so okay. so the fbi told us that this source was selling 40 >> so that is one thing that jim jordan did actually say just a few weeks ago about that information from the fbi informant who is alleged to have made all of this up saying that there's what jordan said this is the most corroborating evidence we have, is that 1023 former referring to the form that the fbi officials filled out while they were interviewing this informed he said this is coming from a highly credible, confidential human source. and now we know that that is not true, but it really underscores the challenges that republicans face here and trying to build the case to impeach joe biden a number of members, especially in the rank and file, especially from swing districts, simply believed that the case has not been made and that was before this indictment of this fbi informant shows you the hurdles they face as they
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hit face a critical moment in this, you more than yearlong investigation into the president with james biden, the president's brother, here behind closed doors. that testimony about to begin in a matter of minutes, hunter biden expected to come next week. >> yeah. what an interesting conversation you just said there manu with jim jordan for the night to think about this, trying to explain away this new revelation. thank you so much for being there. keep us posted again, expecting to see james biden arrived fairly shortly sara, it's me, john. all right. cnn senior law enforcement analyst and former deputy director of the fbi, andrew mccabe is joining us. i know you were listening. i have the first question to you really looking at this, republicans have been using what is now debunked information as a critical part of this impeachment hearing against biden. what do you make of the fact that they have now turned this on behalf of the fbi and said, hey, why didn't they know that this informant was a liar? he's been talking with them for over a decade. what's your reaction?
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>> well. a couple of things, sara so we're this a legal matter which it's not this is impeachment is a political matter. if this were a case making its way to an intended prosecution, there's almost no way it would go forward at this point. it's almost impossible to salvage a successful process to qishan after your primary informant is exposed as a fabricator >> but of course >> this isn't, that's not where we are. this is politics. so i suppose the republicans feel like they have to take some position. i think there are legitimate questions to ask about reliance, about what the fbi thought about this source it's early on, we know that he has been official informant for them for as long as i think ten years now, he's received numerous admonitions along the way. he he likely has had some record of success and corroborated reporting, but this one went completely off the rails. it seemed to me that the fbi was not if you look
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back at the history of this, they were not really convinced about this reporting early on. they received it in 2020. they didn't act upon it in 2020. we also know that after receiving this reporting, the special prosecutor weiss, was compelled to agree to a very favorable plea agreement for hunter joe biden that did not include any allegations of corruption. i think the bigger question to ask right now is why only after pronounced political pressure from people like james comer and chuck grassley, did the special prosecutor do a complete one at and begin to kind of treat this reporting is something that that needed to be dealt with investigatively. >> republicans had complainant, they weren't getting all the information on this informant, but they believed what he said, hook line and sinker how do you think it got this far before the fbi and ultimately the doj has a whole realized just how many lives had been told well, i think it's significant that
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the bureau tried to resist turning over the >> 1023 to congress. and that's likely because in that period of time, they were trying to corroborate what had been told to them. the 1023 is we know is raw source according it is not an opinion about whether or not the reporting is accurate is simply are the fbi's way of documenting what the source tells you. we also know from the indictment that they went through a pretty extended process of investigating the recording. they talk to his associates, they looked at his communications in email. his associates communications his travel records, other people's travel records, and ultimately were able to patch that together to determine what he was telling them about these alleged meetings and 2,015.20 16 couldn't possibly be true. that takes some time to do. and obviously they got there at the point now where they feel very confident that the source made the entire thing up there are like, you said, a lot of questions that need to be
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answered by hunter in this relationship. but what happens now to him when you have this is really explosive information. you just said a criminal prosecution with this is your lead witness. bore you're in trouble. that's probably the end of the case. what happens now, do you think with hunter biden? >> well it's interesting here because this witness who is now flamed out is not really a witness in the two cases that are going forward against hunter biden. those are cases based on tax charges and also a gun charge. but his lawyers have done kind of interesting thing here. they made a filing to the court yesterday hey basically saying that they had an agreement of plea agreement which was favorable to them and that the prosecutor walked away from that agreement only when on the basis of this reporting, which we now know to be false, and they are saying so therefore, judge, you should require the prosecutors to live up to the agreement they formerly he entered into. and impose this plea agreement back
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on the parties. i'm not sure that's going to work, but it is an interesting way of trying to tie his to prosecutions to this to the fallacy of this this false testimony, >> andrew mccabe, it is always nice to have you on to unpack all of this because it is a lot of complicators, lot of complications here. we appreciate your time >> thanks. >> fred all right, sara, also this morning, former president donald trump is comparing the legacy of russian opposition leader and putin critic alexey navalny to his own legal troubles at a town hall and south carolina last night trump refused to blame russian president vladimir putin for navalny's death in prison. cnn's alayna treene is joining us now with more on this. so elaine exactly what did trump say? and not say? >> well, the former president is essentially co-opting alexey navalny's legacy to suggest a false equivalency comparing it to his own legal troubles. and instead of condemning russian
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president vladimir putin and condemning the death of putin's top critic, alexey navalny i'm going to? trump was arguing essentially that he's facing similar similar political persecution. take a listen to how he put it last night >> navalny is a very sad situation and he's very brave. he was very brave guy because he went back he could to stay away. and frankly probably would have been a lot better off staying away is happening in our country to we are turning into a communist country in many ways. and if you look at it, i'm the leading candidate. i get into i never heard of being indicted before i was going i got indicted four times. i have eight or nine trials, all because of the fact that, you know, this all because of the fact that i'm in politics forum of navalny. it is a form of communism or fascism now fred, that last line there when he said it's a form of navalny, it's a form of communism or fashion. and that was referring to the $355
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judgment brought in his civil fraud trial against him last week. but look, this is the type of messaging we've long heard from donald trump trying to attack the various legal cases does that he is facing and part of that strategy is to try and link all of these together as you just heard him do during that townhall. although we know that these cases are not linked, some are federal some are state, some are criminal, some are civil, but all of that with the goal of trying to argue that democrats and president joe biden are trying to prevent him from becoming president. but look, i think you know, we have heard from some of his critics, including joe biden, who attacked him for this last night. this was the most extensive response we have heard from donald trump in light of navalny's death, but still, he's still facing a lot of backlash for not condemning and for not condemning putin and not condemning russia for what had happened. >> all right. alayna treene, we'll leave it there for now. thank you so much sara. all
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right, fred, in minutes, jury selection begins in the trial of a woman prosecutor say, loaded the gun, that later killed cinematographer on rust set. we'll have more on that story georgia's governor revealing to cnn that he was interviewed in the federal election interference case against former president trump. what he told the special counsel and nikki haley trailing trump in the polls. and in the fund raising race. but she is vowing she is not going anywhere even if she loses her home state, south carolina's primary, how voters in her home state feel about her staying in the race >> i think she's strong. i don't think she would flinch at doing what is necessary >> king charles did night at ten on cnn rsv can seriously impact breathing even for the best performance. protect
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what he's bought. and that's a great things out. >> wires black. >> tonight, it's that on tnt >> in just three days, voters and nikki haley's home state will head to the polls and choose between their former governor and former president donald trump. but polls in south carolina show donald trump, like in all the other states with a major advantage, cnn's randi kaye talked to a group of republican women about their decision about nikki haley's decision to stay in the race >> the way she went in there, in handled what i like took all those good old boys and gave it right back to them. >> she >> stood up to them and i'd to e r do that in the federal level. >> she was a good governor and i think she'd be a great precedent. i just to more in line with donald trump's the los sufi of government needs to be smaller and they need to take less from us. >> i did not vote for him in 2016. i was aggravated with his
7:21 am
language and the way he had to have a nickname for everybody and none of them were flattering but what he did in those as for years made me a supporter to the rhetoric piece that you just said, that was the main reason why i'm not voting for him. this go round because i think known as an educator, who i would want to work with as a principle, i would never, i would never want to work for donald trump and i would never want him around mike kids that i'm teaching. i don't think he's the role model that we need for our country right now, i'd love to work for donald j >> for hire but, i think mary bradley, this group of southern ladies have a real hard time with his language. >> the issue i have with donald trump is his demeanor in his language and how he treats
7:22 am
people and women. we live in a very polarized country. and i feel you, that donald trump is very much on a vengeance campaign. i really >> wish we could shift the conversation to talk about the border. >> i've >> think donald trump will definitely have a stronger stance on the border in adult believe that nikki haley, who have a strong of a stance i think that her stances awesome. i think she's strong. i don't think she would flinch at doing what is necessary. >> how did you feel when he was arrested? >> locked in my vote, i was like, there we go >> forum. i want shirt mug. i have the hat that locked in your vote. absolutely. >> i would hope that if you know, he's exonerated than everybody accepts that. i hope that if some things in different places are proven true, then people will accept that some of the female voters
7:23 am
in south carolina with their opinions on both the candidates, the saturday is when the polls will be opened and that was randi kaye reporting frehse, john >> all right. well, this now former arkansas governor and republican presidential candidate as a hutchinson governor. thanks so much for being with us. i want to ask you about nikki haley's speech yesterday where she said she's in this for the long haul and i want to break it down into parts first, what do you think voters and the american people get? out of her staying in the race >> well, first of all she did exactly what she needed to do yesterday. she showed a fighting spirit she took on donald trump and explain why he's not the right leader for our country as well as joe biden and then she's demonstrating it by also lining up events and michigan and going on a media campaign there and having events in texas and into the super tuesday states. so america loves an underdog and she's demonstrating the fighting spirit and the
7:24 am
determination to continue in this race. i think what am excited to see what happened to what end? well, to what end is his america is not ready for a new, another donald trump for years in office and she demonstrates the alternative if she is out of the race and she said the comes to all of the pressure that's mounting for her, then all of a sudden there's a coronation for donald trump and he still has all the liabilities that he has brought with him to this point and so she's not given into those pundants and i think she's wise and hanging in there. >> what do you think she gets out of it? if anything? and i'm not talking about the possibility that you raised that she could win if she doesn't win, what does she get out of it? >> well the satisfaction that you've presented an alternative candidate and not just on the chaos and the
7:25 am
rhetoric that he uses that the ladies reacted to in your previous segment. but it's also the substance, you know? trump represents the isolationist wing of the republican party. him that's worth fighting against. he wants to put a ring around of america economically. >> he has >> spent too much money. he is not a true conservative, and those substantive issues has to be tackled by nikki haley. and it's hard to get if the media to be interested in the public actually to follow the nuances those policy issues, but those are differences that has to be fought for and that's what she gets out of it. as well as the potential of winning. >> so governor, you've been in politics and government for so long, and i'm not saying that to suggest your role just that you have so much experience as so many different levels. here. and i don't know what you thought was going to happen when you jumped into the presidential race. but i
7:26 am
suspect it didn't turn out exactly how you thought it would. so i do wonder what's surprised you. >> the most what surprised me was the entrenchment of donald trump's support. and that it is hard to move against that. you present all the arguments, but, you know, the this the indictments has submitted a lot of his support and he has misled america and his bought into it. so that's what surprised me, is how deeply entrenched donald trump is with the voting base the republican party, and how it takes a lot of work an those that want to oppose donald trump. he's got to wrap this up quickly, or he's in trouble and so that's why the fight continues to be important. >> governor, yesterday, the new york times published letters
7:27 am
from prison from alexey navalny and one of the things he said and one of the letters published by the time. so he really scared, he was really scared about the prospect of a another trump presidency. and now you hear donald trump comparing himself to alexey navalny. how does that sit with you? >> let's offensive to me. and there should be common decency. first of all, a respect for alexey navalny that gave his life for freedom and fighting against a dictator. there should be respect for that. and there should also be a clear understanding that putin is recent boxabl and that putin is bad for russia, he's bad for anybody that loves freedom. and the united states should be having a clear voice. and donald trump is offensive and his language, he can't accept the fact that navalny i gave his life for freedom may tries to compare himself to that,
7:28 am
which is a false comparison. and it's offensive and people need to wake up and realize this is what our foreign policy is going to be like if he gets four years former governor hutchison, thanks so much for being with us this morning. appreciate it. >> hey, fred, all right, we'll the armorer responsible for the prop guns on the set of the movie, rust be held responsible for the death of cinematographer halyna hutchins jury selection begins at any moment >> candidate john edwards cheated on his cancer-stricken white had a baby with his girlfriend and then tried to pass it off as a campaign staffers kid >> we're here to get your side of the story. >> united states of scandal with jake tapper, new episodes sunday at nine on cnn if you lived or worked at camp lejeune, north carolina for released 30 days from august 1953 through december 1987, and have been diagnosed with cancer >> neural behavioral effects, fertility issues, or more, you
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>> all. right. right now, jury selection is scheduled to begin in the trial of hannah gutierrez reed in santa fe. she was the armorer on the set of the movie rust. she has plded not guilty to charges of involuntary manslaughter and tampering with evidence in the shooting, death of rust cinematographer halyna hutchins. hutchins was killed by a prop gun fired by the film's star, alec baldwin, joining me now to discuss is cnn legal analyst and criminal defense attorney joey jackson. great to see you. so >> among the big >> questions, why were there so many live rounds even accessible and available syllable onset? she's the armorer, she's responsible for everything. she's got to establish >> that therein lies the issue and i think that's why she's on trial. so just to unpack this a little bit, fredreka, this is about negligence, right? it's about carelessness, it's about the excessive or
7:34 am
degree to which she acted as an unreasonable person would. and so the issue for her and our defense team is going to be if this was the bane of your existence, this was your one job. this was what you were responsible for ensuring safety on what want to ms did you know was it foreseeable her defense team, those raising all kinds of defenses. she's being scapegoated. it was during covid there were restrictions with respect to our accident this to the set. she had no way of knowing even in making the determination as to the gun, whether someone else may have done something to it to put it on there, right? the equipment supply or anything else, you'll see fingers being pointed, you'll hear about the set in disarray. you'll hear about chaos, you hear about a lot of things. the issue is going to be whether prosecution can prove she was negligent. and as result, a death occurred. >> so also her behavior is going to be scrutinized because now the judge has decided it will be admissible. there is eyewitness accounts. there are texts as they speak to her alleged drug use and the fact
7:35 am
that they will be accepting or are allowing discharge of tampa bringing with evidence where she allegedly moved a bag of cocaine after she had been interviewed by police authorities the day after. so her behavior before the night before, and even the day of all of it is going to be scrutinized that's potentially impactful. >> it really is for drinking. i think the defense will argue we have this word and law called prejudicial prejudicial. what does that mean? it means it really damages you and it's not about the issue itself. it's about what led up to it. as you noted and in the event the prosecution could establish that she potentially was under the influence of some other substance then did that impair your job? could you have done a better job without it if you weren't, why did you attempt to conceal it? and so the danger always is even if the jury would be inclined to give her a pass on the issue of hate it. do your job and checking to ensure the firearm maybe they're not that in thrall
7:36 am
being the jury with the fact that she might have been on the same influence. i think the judge will limit that a lot, but certainly it will be admissible to go to show her reasonableness on that. >> so potentially all of up plays out, and even the potential outcome is going to make a difference for alec baldwin's case because he too is recharged with involuntary manslaughter. he's going to be hanging on. he and his attorneys are gonna be hanging on every word because she's the one who handles everything, prop guns for jerrica, such a great point, right? because you have to know that the witnesses are going to be very similar here, right? the circumstances to trial strategy, everything else. so alec baldwin's team is going to get to see how that plays out, seeing what statements were made it seeing what happens about set, whose responsibility, who was careless, who was not to give some a very good preview. and i think helps his case significantly, all right. to reach jackson. always great to see you. thanks, >> thanks, fredricka. >> all right, john. all right. donald trump's legal team gearing up for a new fight. now, challenging his classified documents, indictment sunday
7:37 am
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7:42 am
subject when i took things out. the differences i had, what's called the presidential records act. i was allowed to do what i did. absolutely allowed. that's why they passed the act in 1978. they passed the presidential records act. i didn't have to hand them i'm over. but second of all, i would have done that we were talking and then all of a sudden they raided mar-a-lago. >> the doj, of course completely disagrees with that. cnn's paula reid is joining us now, apollo, the president still has it wrong when it comes to the handling of classified documents. other people have gotten in a lot of legal hot water for this >> yeah. let's fact check out what we just heard again, i'm hearing that for the first time, but we've heard similar things it before. first of all, the presidential records act does not allow you to take classified documents home and then refuse to return them when you were asked, we know the former president, of course, caught on tape acknowledging that he didn't have the power to declassify them and should not have those secrets. now he says we were talking i was going to hand the back. he had numerous opportunities to
7:43 am
return documents. he returned some of them, but not all of them. and then allegedly took steps to obstruct the government's efforts to get those documents back. then he talks about a quote, raid on mar-a-lago that what's not a raid? that was a search warrant that was executed again after multiple attempts to get those classified documents back where they belong. but moving forward in the marlow dot, mar-a-lago document, prosecution, trump's lawyers, revealing yesterday that they intend to file a slew of challenges. it's a straight laundry list, sara, i'm going to read staff the different challenges that they want to file. they want to challenge, quote, the appointment of jack smith, presidential immunity, the presidential records act selective and vindictive prosecution, as well as due process violations prosecutorial misconduct, impermissible pre-indictment delay, and the illegal raid at mar-a-lago, which i just said was a duly executed search warrant. and of course, the improper violations of president trump's attorney-client privilege. so they're basically throwing everything at the wall to see if anything will stick. well, the former president is
7:44 am
turkey's absolutely have the right to file pretrial motions. we know this is also part of a larger strategy to try to delay both of the special counsel's criminal prosecutions of trump until after the 2024 election, because sarah, if he is reelected, he can make the jack smith's appointment and his cases pretty much go away. so this is all part of a delay strategy. and next week we might learn more about whether it's working. there was a hearing where we expect to get some indication of whether that trial currently on the calendar for may 20 will be pushed back all right. >> i do want to talk to you about the other case. jack smith is on against donald trump and that's the election interference case out of dc. we're now hearing from georgia's governor brian kemp, the person who received the phone call that we have all heard that he spoke with jack smith a. few months ago. let's take a listen to what he said to kaitlan collins has been months ago really didn't last
7:45 am
that long. i mean, i basically told them the same thing. i told the special grand juries that i followed the law and the constitution and answered all their questions truthfully. >> this shows you how methodical that jack smith is being. he's talking to a lot of people, how significant is this? >> so he is significant because he was one of the few people that was able to resist that intense pressure from then president trump to overturn the results of the 2020 election. and we knew the special counsel at reached out, but there, kaitlan collins breaking the news that i'm had actually talked to investigators. and lastly, sara, it was interesting kaitlan also asked him about trump's claim of absolute presidential immunity. the issue before the supreme court, that's really holding up that trial from going going forward. and he said that he does not believe that anyone democrat, republican himself or anyone is above the law. >> paula reid. thank you so much. i told you we'd be back for more information. appreciate it. john. >> with me now is former federal prosecutor, renato mariotti, counselor. thank you so much for being with us. a
7:46 am
slew of filings from donald trump of the mar-a-lago case, some hearings over the next week. in your mind, what is the most important thing we could learn? in this case >> i think the important thing in the mar-a-lago case is the schedule ultimately at the end of the day of the evidence against trump is pretty devastating. i mean, we just heard a moment ago from the reporter, an analyst talking about the facts of that case really the question is, will that trial take place before the election? if it takes place after the election, ultimately, donald trump could just tell his attorney general not to pursue that any further and judge aileen cannon has shown i don't think any reason to believe that she's in any degree of haste, correct >> that's an understatement. there have been i would say more delays than usual in that case, it was already a case that was going to be on a slow track due to the involvement of classified documents, but she's definitely he added some additional time into the
7:47 am
schedule. >> so we're not we're standing by over these last few days, the next several days to hear from the supreme court on the 14th amendment case, the colorado ballot case. it also whether or not they're going to take up issues of presidential immunity. we don't know what they're going to do as we do wait for that, though something happened in the court yesterday that flew under the radar that some people are looking at with a raised eyebrow now, and that had to do with a case adam, missouri, where the supreme court chose not to take up this case involving the dismissal of jurors for voicing religious concerns about gay relationships. but in it it gave judge samuel alito a chance to talk about how much he still disagrees breeze with the 2015 obergefell case, which basically solidified the right to gay marriage. he said obergefell in 2015 shows how quote, americans who do not hide their adherence der, traditional religious beliefs about homosexual conduct will be labeled as bigots and treated as such by the government. now the reason this is significant as, as we sit here in 2024, only two justices who voted for obergefell
7:48 am
solidifying the right of gay marriage are still on the court. samuel alito wrote the decision overturning roe versus wade. is there reason to think that if they get the chance, the supreme court or it might take another look and overrule >> i think there are definitely has to be a concern because the right to privacy that underlie the roe v. wade decision is really the same line of cases, the same essentially the same foundation on which the case thanks to that you refer to just a moment ago that essentially said that gay marriage was permitted is also based upon and so i was an lgbtq person who was relying on the fact that my marriage certificate is valid in my state. i wouldn't be concerned. >> i think everyone i think there's no reason for them to believe that this supreme court might not take another look at that case. >> we're not a mariotti great to see you today. thanks so much fred. >> all right, still ahead.
7:49 am
texas prosecutors say they plan to charge the suspect in the death of an 11 year-old girl with capital murder what we've learned since adri cunningham, body was found >> to be a headliner, las vegas. that's what i want to do. >> it. so unlike anywhere else, vegas, the story of sin city sunday at ten on cnn >> have you or anyone, you know, ever been stationed at marine corps base camp lejeune. camp lejeune, water was contaminated by fuel leaks. if you had any water contact while at camp on june had been diagnosed with cancer or parkinson's? disease, you may be entitled to compensation as a marine who was stationed at camp on june myself for four years. this caused hits close to home so if you've been stationed or visited marine corps base camp lejeune and have cancer or parkinson's
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>> all right developing this morning a tragic end to a dave long search, texas authorities plan to charge don steven mcdougal with capital murder in the case of eleven-year-old audrii cunningham. but in a number of social media comments, mcdougal appears to say that he's not guilty and claims he did everything he could to help find her with
7:54 am
this. now, from texas as cnn's rosa flores. so rosa, what are we learning from authorities about the direction of this investigation? >> well, fred authority say that they not only have enough evidence to link little technical difficulties, i'm going to do that right now. fred authority say that they have enough evidence to not only link don mcdougal to this killing, but to charge him with capital murder and look, this man went from being a friend of the family who was trusted with taking adri to the bus stop to then being a person of interest and now being a suspect of her killing. take a listen at this time, we believe the appropriate arrest warrant is going to be for capital murder in the death of adre cunningham he is currently still in jail under an unrelated felony
7:55 am
charge here now, authorities are still processing evidence, are still working on filing the >> arrest warrant, but take a look at this map because this shows you the area. this is where some of the evidence was not only collected, but also recovered. you can see where audrey was last seen. that is her neighborhood just south of there. there's a dam that's where the backpack was recovered in a can. all all of this as accordrding to authorities and then just down river of that area is where her body was recovered. now, all this as we learn more about the extensive criminal history of don macdougald from court documents. we've learned that he has been convicted for things like aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and enticing a child, which raises the obvious question, why was he not registered as a sex offender will according to the sheriff that charge is from a different county and he didn't know the details of the case, but he said that that case it did not require mcdougal to register as a success the vendor and red i should mention
7:56 am
that we've made exhaustive efforts to reach either mcdougal's family or his attorney for comment regarding all of these allegations and potential charges. and we have not been successful, fred. all right. rosa flores. thank you so much, sara. all right. >> right now, house republicans are grilling president biden's brother behind closed doors even as their impeachment inquiry into joe biden is floundering, we'll have more details on why that is and what's happening inside that room coming up
7:57 am
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